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After looking at your whole financial picture, we simplify it so that it matches your lifestyle goals. Together we explore the desires you have for your current and future life and then we determine how your finances can support you in your journey.

This helps you have peace of mind and to live confidently. Together we identify and prioritize your most pressing financial opportunities and concerns. We discern what you want your money to achieve for you and for those you love.

I develop a written financial plan with concise and attainable goals. The plan specifies the steps and strategies you need to take to get from here to there. It provides you assurance that you can live your lifestyle with ease. 

This realistic plan can be implemented and monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that you are on the right track to attaining your goals. This will help you have the confidence that comes with making sound financial decisions and making steady progress towards your goals.

Comprehensive financial planning looks at the big picture. It considers all the relevant aspects of your life including lifestyle analysis, tax management, retirement analysis, estate planning, philanthropy, business succession planning and debt or risk management.



We usually start with a preliminary meeting or call to discuss your goals and desires for your income and expenses and net worth (however vague those thoughts maybe at this moment).

If I am able to help and we think that we can work together, I collect as much financial information as is required for your customized plan. This information is private and confidential and I am bound by the ethics of being a CPA and having the CFP® designation.

I prepare a detailed financial plan showing expected and potential income, expenses and net worth on an annual basis. The plan addresses your anticipated prioritized goals and concerns.

Together we discuss the plan, implement it and then monitor the plan as and when needed. It is updated on an ongoing basis if required.

I do not sell any financial products.


Since you have unique circumstances and I provide customized planning, my fees depend on the complexity of your situation and the time and work involved.
After speaking with you during a complimentary 30-minute consultation, I will be able to recommend a service package that meets your needs and quote a fee.
I have a variety of fees depending upon your needs.

The fees are generally one of the following:

a straight fee-for-service basis to prepare a plan;
an hourly basis to provide a financial plan or coaching as needed;
a retainer to provide ongoing oversight;
or a combination of the above.